Week 19 Borrowers by Conor

One day I was going out to clean the mossy drainpipe, but when I went out to do the job I heard something rattling in the drain. I was terrified.

I took the lid off the drain and two microscopic people came flying out. They shot up the drainpipe and up to the gutter.

Unluckily it started to rain and one of the little people tried to hold on but it came down the drainpipe.

3 thoughts on “Week 19 Borrowers by Conor”

  1. Hi Conor,
    I really enjoyed your story. I thought the way the little people were afraid of you is really different. Normally they would be brave and you would be the one who is scared. I liked all of your adjectives like mossy and microscopic.
    What happened to the person when he fell out?
    This kind of reminded me of the incy wincy spider.

    Aoife H
    Ms. Power’s class
    St. Mary’s Parish Primary School

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