Week 19 The Break out By Matthew D

One cold dark night I was passing a prison and as I glanced to my right I saw a figure and it came down the drainpipe of the prison wall.  It was a probably a troublesome robber breaking out of jail.

Almost immediately an alarm went off in the jail and there was pandemonium inside.  I then reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and rang the jail. They quickly stopped the robber from escaping . I later explained to the staff what happened and they said it was a great omen.

It certainly prevented the robber from causing any harm.

3 thoughts on “Week 19 The Break out By Matthew D”

  1. Hi Matthew, your story is very clear and detailed. I really liked how you used such a “wow” word as pandemonium; it creates a really clear picture. I can just imagine the noise and everyone running around. Well done.

  2. Another great story this week, Matthew – Well done!
    I’m glad you helped to put that robber behind bars again. I feel he would have been troublesome.
    Super work.

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