Week 19 It came down the drainpipe by Mathew O’G

One very strange day when I was in school my pet mouse accidentally flushed himself down the toilet.  When I got back I was devastated – I thought he was gone forever.

But little did I know he was on a little mission.  That night I held his cage in devastation. I could not help myself but cry.

The next day in school my friends told me that he would come back.When I got home I saw something in the gutter –  it came down the drainpipe. It was my mouse!

4 thoughts on “Week 19 It came down the drainpipe by Mathew O’G”

  1. Hi Mathew,
    Just like Fortune, I laughed at the thought of your pet mouse flushing itself down the toilet. That was a sentence that I wasn’t expecting to read this week!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. Hi Matthew, I too am wondering how a little mouse managed to flush himself down the toilet, but however, he managed it, at least he managed to find his way out. I’m glad this story has a happy ending.

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