Week 19: The clown attack by Dylan

One bright sunny day my friend Tim and I  were playing soccer. Suddenly Tim turned as white as a ghost and pointed behind me. I turned around and saw a clown running towards me.

Tim and I ran for our lives. We climbed down a drainpipe and into the sewers. And then it came down the drainpipe. We ran and ran and Tim fell.

The clown grabbed him and pulled him into the darkness and he went silent.I ran down a tunnel and saw a red balloon. I touched the balloon and it popped.

When it popped the clown was there. I tried to run but it was too late…


3 thoughts on “Week 19: The clown attack by Dylan”

  1. I’m not sure I’ll be thinking that clowns are nice and funny anymore after reading this!
    I hope someone comes to your rescue.
    Good work Dylan – well done!

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