Week 19 : Where Is He? By David

It was a fine summers day and my dad and his crew were going off on a big fishing competition. He was going to be home in two weeks. Their boats were numbers 12 to 16. One week had passed and we were watching the news. The news reporter looked serious. She then said, ” Boats Number 12 to 16 have gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean”.

As usual, I always thought the worst. My eyes welled up with tears. Three weeks later we were listening to the news again and she said they had found the boats. They had been swept into a forest by a big wave. Finally, my dad was coming home.

7 thoughts on “Week 19 : Where Is He? By David”

  1. omg david
    your story was amazing i loved the way that a lot of people had a close to same perspective on the prompt but the way you saw it is so unique and wonderful
    * very unique
    ** great plot and looks like a lot of time and effort went into it
    *** great incorporation with the news channel
    ? how worried were you when your dad was misssing
    link before my dog got lost for a couple of days because he was chasing a cat

  2. Wow nice story
    STAR: Great story and amazing grammar
    WISH: Maybe you could use adjectives and sentence openers
    STAR: Excellent punctuation
    Q: Were you happy when your dad came home?
    LINK: It is a bit like a book I read that is called lost at sea

  3. This is such a well written story, David. And it was even nicer to find it finish with a happy ending. I’m glad that the boats and all aboard were found safe. Terrific work, well done and keep it up!

  4. Loved your story this week David – well done!
    It was full of emotion.
    I was delighted that the boats were found and that Dad was coming home.
    Good work.

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