Week 19 Don’t throw it in the bin By Tim

Once there was a young boy named Peter who loved science.  He wanted to be a scientist when he got older. He liked making fake potions with his friends but one day he decided to make a real potion.  He used chemicals. His dad saw him and he told him to stop. His dad took the potion and threw it in the sink. Peter was mad at his dad.

As the potion came down the drainpipe there was a spider at the bottom. When the potion landed on the spider the spider changed colour and began to glow.

When Peter was going to bed the spider went into Peter’s room…

4 thoughts on “Week 19 Don’t throw it in the bin By Tim”

  1. Hi Tim
    Your story really struck a chord with me, my brother and I used to try to make potions when we were younger but were never quite successful and making anything like this happen.
    I loved your final sentence, I can’t imagine that Peter comes out of this well!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

  2. Oh No Tim!!!! Please don’t leave the story here. I’m very curious to know what’s going to happen next and just how big was that spider?????

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