Week 19 Down the drain by Oisin

I heard a noise.  It came down the drainpipe. It was a very rare green budgie.

I raised it for two years. After that, my dad said it’s time to get rid of it. I refused and ran outside to hide the green budgie from my dad who went out looking for me.

My dad found me and took me home. Just when he was about to call the zookeeper I snatched the phone off of him and snuck into my room.

Then I found a way to keep the green budgie forever.

3 thoughts on “Week 19 Down the drain by Oisin”

  1. Hi Oisin. I think I would be very sad too to have to give back my pet after caring for him for two years. I’m very curious though… what way did you manage to keep the Budgie forever?

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