Week 19, Easter Holidays, by Mikolaj

It was Easter so my Dad and I were making Easter eggs. My grandparents hadn’t come yet so my Dad decided to take me to the barber. We needed to go because I had a long fringe.

My hair was grey but the barber dyed it black for some reason. It took about two hours so it was pitch dark outside when I was ready. I got my flashlight out of my pocket and it started flickering. As we were walking home we saw eggs cracked on the floor. Somehow we got home and my Grandparents were there. We spent Easter together and everyone was delighted that I  no longer had my fringe in my eyes.

2 thoughts on “Week 19, Easter Holidays, by Mikolaj”

  1. Dear Mikolaj,
    I really liked how you used a tone in which it felt like a person was actually talking instead of writing. I also wrote about the 5 words. You should check it out some time. I also read about a story involving Easter. One thing I think you could improve on is adding more details.

    Happy Writing!
    From, Amalia in Illinios

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