Week 19 The Enormous Spider by Ronan

One bright sunny day Mom and I were cleaning the kitchen. I saw a spider on the floor and I  completely annihilated it with a tissue. Mom had her diamond ring on the window as usual. But on this particular day, a menacing spider popped out of the drain and took mom’s ring.

My sister walked in and said “I’m done with potions,”   as she poured her growing potion down the drain. As it came down the drain pipe mom just realised that the potion was a growing potion. “There is a spider down that drain,”  screamed Mom.

There was  huge pandemonium as every one absconded from the house

4 thoughts on “Week 19 The Enormous Spider by Ronan”

  1. Hi Ronan,

    I found your story very entertaining and I could imagine just the pandemonium that the growing potion would cause! I wonder how big that spider eventually got…and whether it was wearing that diamond ring?

  2. I’m laughing here Ronan, because I should be scared about that huge spider that had the growing potion on him, but I can’t help about the sparkling diamond that would have grown too! Great work and well done.

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