Week 19 Horrifying holiday by Ewan

I was at the beach with my family in San Francisco. All of a sudden the tide started going out rapidly. Everyone started running away from the beach so we started running too. Then someone offered us a drive so we took the chance. They took us to their house on a big hill outside the city. After that we saw the water coming into the city it was a sunami. At the bottom of the hill, we could see boats  stuck within the trees.

I thought to myself well what a day.

6 thoughts on “Week 19 Horrifying holiday by Ewan”

  1. Great story!
    It was very creative and well written!!!
    Remember the spelling tsunami!!
    Other than that it was a brilliant story with lots of detail.
    Well done and good luck

  2. Great story. You’ve used the prompt really well. Just try to punctuate a bit more. You used great vocabulary. Who was the person who offered you a lift? Tsunamis are just terrible aren’t they? They kill millions of people and can totally destroy a town or city. Well done. Keep up the great work.

  3. Wow Ewan, you were very lucky to get away before the tsunami struck. We always hear terrible things on the news about tsunamis. I’m glad you all got away to a safe place. You’ve written a great story here Ewan, well done!

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