Week 19: It Was Just A Dream By Marc

One sunny summer’s day as I was coming home from school I saw something green on the roof. I thought it was just moss so I just left it alone. But when I was having my dinner I could hear something heavy on the roof.

I went outside and there was enormous green goo on the roof. IT WAS EATING OUR HOUSE! Suddenly it came down the drainpipe and it was heading towards me. It was going to go on top of me and eat me… WOW!…

Phew, it was just a dream.

3 thoughts on “Week 19: It Was Just A Dream By Marc”

  1. Hi Marc,
    Great idea for a story, I liked how you made us think it was nothing and then it turned for the worse. If I’d have seen it I don’t think I’d have said ‘wow’, I’d have said something more like ‘Help!”
    Well done.

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