Week 19 The Lost City Of Atlanta BY Sean Mcs

Tired and cold, I trotted through the forest. But out of nowhere some old boats fell from the sky. I went into one and immediately I was teleported to the Lost city of Atlanta. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I explored the ancient city to find an ominous temple. I went in. There were traps every where. So I had to face my fears and I did. I ventured into the deepest parts of the temple. I got through in one piece and I was surprised to find a skeleton holding a sign that said,”If you read this you are the luckiest person alive” and I was from then on wards.

8 thoughts on “Week 19 The Lost City Of Atlanta BY Sean Mcs”

  1. well done i really liked your story and your idea was great!
    very creative and good use of prompt!
    keep it up!

  2. Hi Sean,
    I really liked your story this week.
    I like way you faced you fears in the story, what are you real life fears?, are they the same in the story?
    My worst fear, is that my life turns out to be really dull and boring. I have always wanted to live life to full and have fun, do what I want and I know in real life it’s going to be hard, however, I would rather love life, than, think it’s only ok. I want to complete my dreams and goals. In my opinion, the bes gift to give someone is happiness. So yeah, my worst night mare is not living life to the full. Do you agree?
    Anyways, great story line, I hope you did get luck. I also wrote a story here’s the link, http://smppspower.weebly.com/100-wc-week-19/christopher I love it if you could read and eve comment on it.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your story this week, Sean – Well done!
    I’m glad you didn’t end up like the skeleton!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.

  4. I’m not sure if the skeleton was so lucky, Sean!!! What an adventure you had. I love history, so a chance to explore an ancient city would be a dream come true. Of course, I wouldn’t like to have to dodge traps! Well done and keep up the awesome writing!

  5. Dear Sean ,
    I really liked your story this week it was exciting .
    Well i would not have faced my worst fear which is ants I really hate them .
    What type of traps were there that you had to face when you went inside?
    Please comment on my story its week 19 and it is called stranded.
    Your sincerely Julius.

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