Week 19: Magpie Thief, By Dan

One day at my house my Mom took off her rings. She put them by the window and walked off to go shopping.

When she did that, the diamond on the rings sparkled in the light. But that particular day she left the window open and a magpie flew off with the ring.

When Mom realised that her rings were gone she started crying. That night it started to rain and I heard metal falling.

The next morning I went outside and saw Mom’s ring. It came down the drain pipe. “The magpie must have dropped it,” I thought.

6 thoughts on “Week 19: Magpie Thief, By Dan”

  1. Well done Dan and I really like the angle you took to include the prompt. I expected to read about a lot of spiders, but yours was different. I’m forever leaving my rings on the windowsill. This has taught me to be more careful!

  2. *Good story Dan.
    * Your story was really good.
    WISH: Try use more ambitious words next time but overall very good story.

  3. I liked your story and I love that you used your adjectives
    And you used speech marks
    You could punctuate your sentence a little more.

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