Week 19 Maybe The Bermuda Triangle By Shane C.

One night long ago I was out at sea on a fishing trip and just then the engine stopped! Then in the blink of an eye, a whirlpool formed; it was like it was dragging me in. Eventually, t did pull me in.

When I was least expecting it I fell flat on my face and strangely I was on the ground. There were boats in this strange woods. Every boat had its own story  – one even saved people from the titanic. What was written on the sides of these boats was fascinating.

When I finished investigating I realised I was stuck here. I thought, “This could be it”.  I was never seen by anyone ever again perhaps I had entered the Bermuda triangle!

5 thoughts on “Week 19 Maybe The Bermuda Triangle By Shane C.”

  1. Great story Shane, I like the idea you used in story about all the boats having their own story. Great writing.

  2. Maybe you HAD entered the Bermuda Triangle, Shane! I think that your story is so cool – to find boats with lots of stories behind them from history. I really enjoyed this story Shane – well done and keep up the super writing!

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