Week 19: Mysterious Monster By Naglis

One bright sunny summer’s evening I was walking home from school and suddenly my drainpipe caught my eye. I heard an inexplicable sound. It looked to be something squeaky, fearsome and troublesome. I decided I was going to catch it. Sadly I didn’t have a clue how to trap it but I eventually figured it out.

I would put out a scrumptious appetizing sandwich with a bell and see what happened. Soon it was time.  I snuck out and looked. I was probably there for hours but then I heard a sound. Next, I saw a colossal spider and it came down the drainpipe.

4 thoughts on “Week 19: Mysterious Monster By Naglis”

  1. Great job responding to this week’s 100wc prompt Naglis! I can’t imagine how big that spider was to cause so much noise in the drainpipe… Yikes! I liked the way you kept building suspense throughout the story.

  2. The character in your story has more than I do as a reader! I was waiting in anticipation, now I want to know, What happens with the spider? EEK!

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