Week 19: Never Again By Marc

Tired, I had to walk to the shop to get eggs. It was 5:45 pm and the shop closes at 6:00 pm. On the way, my best friend jumped out of a bush and scared me. I completely forgot about the eggs and it was 5:55 pm and I needed eggs.

So running as fast as lightning I reached the shop. Often the shop stays open later than 6 pm but it didn’t that day so I had to go to the damp old shop on the fringe of the town. It was pitch black by the time I reached the shop. The lights were flickering. But I got the eggs.

Then when I ate the eggs  I felt sick and every one was saying I looked washed out.                                                                         

2 thoughts on “Week 19: Never Again By Marc”

  1. Hi Marc

    Great story. I love the use of the prompt.

    Just wondering why my story reminded you of shrek .

    Ms Brennocks class

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