Week 19 Outbreak by Dylan

Day 1042 of the Coronavirus outbreak
As far as I know, I am one of the only non-infected people in the world.
I was walking around town and although it was Saturday nothing was opened thanks to the virus. The once-bustling town I lived in was now a deserted wasteland. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard running behind me. I put on my gas mask and ran to my car. I tranquilized the person and injected him with the antidote I have been working on.
” What’s going on? “he said.
Time to save the world…

One thought on “Week 19 Outbreak by Dylan”

  1. Hi Dylan,
    I like the way you used the prompt given. Your story gives the hope that everything will be okay in the end 🙂
    Keep writing and inspiring others to write!
    Best wishes,
    Miss Milena, a teacher at BIS Belgrade

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