Week 19: The Spider : by Liam A

My little brother is very gullible.  For example, once I said it was raining cats and dogs and he went out to check. He wants to be a scientist when he is older but trust me he doesn’t have a hope.

One day he was making a potion to make everything bigger. Dad loathed him making potions because he always made a gigantic mess and dad had to clean it up.

My brother is the smallest in his class so that was why he wanted to make the potion. Dad grabbed it and poured it into the sink.  It came down the drainpipe and hit a spider. …The spider grew and grew….

3 thoughts on “Week 19: The Spider : by Liam A”

  1. Well done Liam!
    Maybe you are wronging your little brother … it sounds like he could be an excellent scientist…that is if he survives this gigantic spider!

  2. Great story Liam and I love the use of the word ‘gullible’. I laughed when you said your brother ‘ wants to be a scientist when he is older, but trust me, he doesn’t have a hope’. Your poor brother!
    Lots of experiments and potions seem to go wrong, and it sounds like this one was a disaster. I’d hate to have seen that gigantic spider!

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