Week 19 Stranded by Julius.

Today I was going on a fishing trip with my friend; I was really excited to go on a fishing trip with my friend Sean and his dad.

When we got there I saw the boat that we had. I almost fainted.  Sean told me I was looking at the wrong boat. Then  I saw our boat; ;it was really bad, old and slow. We put our life jackets on and headed out until it was far enough .

I looked up and saw a giant wave. It crashed straight into us. …

When we woke up we had no idea where we were but we saw more boats stranded just like ours.


4 thoughts on “Week 19 Stranded by Julius.”

  1. Super writing Julius. You’ve done a great job with the prompt this week. I hope that everybody was ok in the end. At least you were washed ashore and were alive.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. It seems to me that you had a bad feeling about this trip before it even started.
    Thank God you were wearing life jackets.
    I hope the other “boaters” were as lucky as you were.
    Very good work this week.

  3. Hi Julius
    That was a really good story
    I liked the way you described the boat
    It reminded me of my fishing trip were we had a old boat
    It got me wondering What are you going to do
    Please comment back on my story

  4. I’m so glad that you were all wearing life jackets Julius – so many people go out on boats without them. You were lucky to be swept ashore but with more boats stranded there, I wonder if it was some kind of evil master plan to steal the boats! Keep up the super writing Julius!

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