Week 19 The strange gang by Gary

At first, every thing was blurry. As my eyes were now focused I realised that I was in a forest. When I tried to remember how I got here I slapped myself 3 times to make sure I was not dreaming. Suddenly everything came back to me.

I was making my dinner and I felt something sharp dig into my back. But before I got time to see what it was I blacked out. I decided to try and find civilization. Suddenly I came across five boats. I heard noise coming from one of them and I decided to investigate and to my amazement found three people and a banner saying …..

7 thoughts on “Week 19 The strange gang by Gary”

  1. Great story Gary! You’ve written a real thriller there. You have to write the next chapter and reveal more to us!
    Keep up the great writing.

  2. brilliant story gary
    i loved the way you left hanging at the end of the story
    * good cliff hanger
    ** great adjectives
    *** great punctuation
    ? what was the name of the gang
    link i have seen a lot of bad gangs who do quite as bad things

  3. Well done Gary, your 100 word challenge was excellent this week.
    Star/great grammar.
    star// its very good that you paragraph your work so other people can read it very well.
    wish;; when you said as my eyes were focused you could of put a comma after that bit.
    question;; how did you get to the forest.

    But overall you did a fantastic job and if you could can you please check my story out at http://smppspower.weebly.com/100-wc-week-19/hannah-lee

  4. Hi Gary
    I really like your story this week
    Star-Great adjectives and plot
    Star- Great punctuation and your idea was great.
    So will the banner say?
    I also think your story was very creative and interesting.
    -Ellen P

  5. What a cliffhanger Gary! I hope that there’s a conclusion to this story as I really want to know who the people were and what the banner said! Brilliant writing, well done Gary!

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