Week 19 The air war by Jacob

1942 DDay

As I was escorting an Mk-1 Hudson German aircrafts started to barrel down to us. I had no choice but to say to my squad to engage all enemy aircraft. As bullets were passing by, a bullet hit my shoulder. I was starting to pass out but I mustered the strength to pull my aircraft up but it didn’t work.

The sky was fully white. I found myself in a mall. I looked around – the shops were closed. Although  It was a Saturday nothing was opened.

I heard a voice calling my name. I woke up. My co-pilot said “you ok? It seems like you saw a ghost. ”

I started to panic  – my arm was cut off.  I passed out again…

One thought on “Week 19 The air war by Jacob”

  1. Hi Jacob
    What an interesting 100WC you have written. You captured a moment in time and build on it. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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