Week 19 The Easter Egg Hunt By Danny

For Easter this year my granddad was doing an Easter egg hunt at the fringe of the town where we lived. He did it every year but this year was very special as he was hiding 12 eggs instead of 6.

When we started I found my first one in seconds and I was over the moon. After half an hour I had found 5 of them and my older brother Tommy had found six.

Just then I saw the last one. It was covered with a black file. After that I washed as it was dinner time.

Just then the light started flickering. Oh NO – A great start to the  day but a bad finish.

2 thoughts on “Week 19 The Easter Egg Hunt By Danny”

  1. Hi Danny
    Well done on your excellent use of the single words for this week’s 100 word challenge. I love how you associated your story with Easter which of course is just round the corner! Great ending also as you left me wondering did the light actually go out or was it just a temporary blip. I’d love to know what happened next. Keep up the good work with your 100 word challenges – I always love when one of my numbers gives me a pupil from St Colman’s as I think you are all fantastic writers. Looking forward to reading more of them!
    Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)

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