Week 19: Tom’s Terrific Transporting Trip

When Tom was playing with his new toys he somehow managed to do something very odd and shocking. He ended up talking to the characters in his toy playset. He shrunk down to 1″1 ft! It was absolutely unbelievable.

He met this man called Jim, who was heading to the port where he was going to sail out to go fishing for sharks! He was mad! Tom decided to ask the fisherman if he could come with him.

” Yes of course”, he replied in a coherent fashion.

Tom only saw the boats as he was called by his mother for dinner. He teleported back and carried on with his usual life!

Meanwhile Global Warming occurred in the miniature world!

5 thoughts on “Week 19: Tom’s Terrific Transporting Trip”

  1. Hi Sean

    Your title hooked me in to read this, that’s always a clever thing to do. You have so many creative ideas here, and your writing is really original. I haven’t read any other 100wc this week with teleportation and tiny people.

    I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    Miss T

  2. First off Sean, I *LOVE* the title. Totally terrific title! What was causing the global warming in the miniature world? I wonder if there’s anything that Tom can do to stop it and maybe reverse it? Brilliant story this week, well done!

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