Week 19:The Painting by Adam

My Mother and I were going to the museum one day.

In the museum’s first room there were paintings. There were the famous Mona Lisa and more wonderful paintings. But as I turned the corner I saw the best painting of all.

It was a picture of a boat grave yard.

The boats had a blue tint to the glass. The base colour of the boats was blue. The boats were shining in the light of the sun coming through the window.

My mother told me we were leaving. I didn’t want to leave the painting….So I took it!..

14 thoughts on “Week 19:The Painting by Adam”

  1. Hi Adam.
    Your story was good because the way you used your prompt was good.
    Where was the painting painted and what year was it painted?
    My favourite part was when your Mother wanted to leave you didn’t want to leave the painting so you took it.

  2. Hi Adam, the end of your story was very funny you really deserved the showcase. You explained what the painting looked like very well. Did anyone see you take it? Great work Kallum.

  3. Hi Adam
    That was a really good story
    I liked the way you ended your story with humour
    It reminded me of a book called Painting Their
    It got me thinking why did you take it!
    Congratulations on getting picked for Showcase

  4. Hi Adam,
    I really enjoyed your story today.
    Also congratulations on receiving a showcase this week.
    It is well deserved.
    You used the prompt very well.
    I wonder what happened next on your story.
    Keep up the good work.
    Can’t wait to read more of your stories in the near future.
    Dylan K.

  5. Hi Adam.
    Very well written you really did deserve a showcase.
    I didnt think that with that prompt you could write a story like that.
    It must of been good to see the Mona Lisa its amazing i saw when i was on my holidays.
    Bye Bryan

  6. Hi Adam,
    I loved your story and I thought the last line was funny for some reason,
    I wonder how sneaky you must have been to take the painting without anyone noticing,
    you definitely deserved Star Writer,
    Keep up the good work – Kayden.

  7. Hi Adam, great story.
    Well done on getting a showcase.
    I can’t believe that you stole the painting!
    It must have been beautiful if you took it.
    I understand why you didn’t want to leave the museum.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C 5th

  8. Great story Adam.
    That sounded like a very interesting picture.
    Did security come after you when you stole it?
    Keep up the great work.
    David 5th.

  9. This is an excellent story Adam! I laughed out loud at your ending. It was such a cheeky surprise! You sounded like such a nice character in your opening sentence. You seemed very cultured and civilised, visiting the gallery. Then, boom! You took the painting! Great work!
    Ms Brennock

  10. Great story this week, Adam
    A boat graveyard? How did you come up with this unique idea?
    I liked the way you took the painting in the end, it made me laugh
    My only wish for you would be, your punctuation.
    Great story this week, Adam. Good luck!

  11. Oh wow. A boat graveyard. What an amazingly original idea, Adam! I’m very impressed. I’m not so sure that the museum will be impressed that you took the painting though! A really, really brilliant story, well done Adam!

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