Week 1:The Cave by Tadhg

I was walking to school one day when I decided to go through the woods. I was scared. The woods were really dark.

Then I heard a groan. I thought it was my belly but then I saw a zombie.I started running and the zombie was surprisingly fast. I jumped over a river but the zombie did too.

Then I saw a cave and I went into it. Then I saw a dragon it was a red and black colour. It was amazing I thought what lies ahead of that cave? I saw a tiny gap I managed to squeeze through it. Before I left I saw a baby dragon- it looked angelic.  I was amazed.


4 thoughts on “Week 1:The Cave by Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg. What a great story. This is really impressive for your very first time doing 100 wc. You’ve built up great tension in the first paragraph when you tell us you were ‘scared’ and the woods were ‘really dark’. I laughed when you thought the groan was coming from your belly! I often hear my belly making those sounds too when it’s almost dinner time. Your description of the baby dragon is just perfect – ‘Angelic’. Very well done Tadhg.

  2. I love your story because it was a scary story and I hope you wright more stories like this.

    From,Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class 17/18

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