Week 2: An Abominable Attempt By Naglis

“I want to rob the bank!” insisted my chubby pompous boss who’s as bossy as a teacher and always wears Lacoste (some kind of brand with an alligator on it). Stealthily I  drove down to the bank while my boss was at the back slurping his Fanta. Moments later we stepped out of the mauve Bugatti. It was too tricky to get in so we couldn’t do it.

Instead, we climbed to the top and luckily the window was open. My boss was filling bags with everything he could see! I heard the police and sprinted as fast as a bullet to hide behind one of the bushes.

CLIP went the handcuffs on my boss’s hands.

3 thoughts on “Week 2: An Abominable Attempt By Naglis”

  1. Hey Naglis! I like how you used the amazing adjectives. I like reading about bank robberies. You used some nice words in your writing that paints a picture in your mind. I wrote about a girl’s 100th show. Your writing was exquisite.
    Zainab in Illinois

  2. Your story is written very well Naglis. Your opening sentence in the form of dialogue really captured my attention. Sounds to me like he has lots of money and likes fine things! It doesn’t buy happiness though and the last sentence proves this!

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