Week 2 by Jacob

Then everything stopped and I looked up.  There was a broken looking orb – it was white and blue.

“W-where am I?”  a voice called from the light.


“Why is it so bright?” I said.

” This is where time is put in balance,” said the orb. I asked the orb who he was and his reply was so funny.

He said, ” this my name –  INFINITY or you can call me Steve -I’m going to give you a mission to defeat a man called Ominous Shadow – oh and take this ok….”

I went through the mountains and volcanos until I saw a shadow .

“Um hello!”

“Hello Jack  – so you’re Ominous Shadow”

“Yes,” he said “I’m here to take the world over. ”

We had a really big fight. I punched him so hard that he collapsed and turned into dust.

“Is it over “?

The world went back to normal and  a little blue butterfly came and said: “You saved time, thank you!”

” You’re welcome. How am I supposed to get down from here?”

“I can teleport you down” the butterfly said.

So I got home and my mum said “dinner!”

“…he can’t defeat me,” said a shadow in the distance…

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