Week 2 : The Contagious Sweets by Oisin

it was break time and somebody had a jar of sweets. Then the jar broke and the jar and all the sweets fell to the ground. After school, the teacher found the sweets and ate them…

The next day the teacher came in very pale. Then it spread to one person then another and another. Soon the whole school was sick except the person who had the jar. His name was Alan. He gave everybody medicine and that made them feel better.

But how could the sweets be that contagious? Wait what sweets were they? They were the new ones. Once we knew that, we figured it out –  it was that new kind of sweets that were was so contagious!

5 thoughts on “Week 2 : The Contagious Sweets by Oisin”

  1. Oisin, your story was really original, and I liked that the moral of the story was not to eat sweets you find on the floor. I’m glad Alan had the medicine that could cure everyone.
    great work, well done

  2. Hi Oisin

    I really enjoyed reading your story this week, I think that’s a lesson to all teachers out there to not eat sweet they find lying around! The concept of sweets that were somehow contagious was an original one and it made me wonder if, in the future, this could be used for good.

    Keep up the good work

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school, Hampshire

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