Week 2 Hunted bomb by Rhys

In Moscow, Russia there was a trios attack. The local news said not to go outside but I did with my friend Spencer.  We got the train station and there were guards with guns looking at you… just waiting.

We were hungry so we decided to go and get Pizza. When I turned around I saw a bomb and someone was chasing people.  I heard everyone screaming then I heard a bang …and then everything stopped and the bomb went off…

After a while I got to my feet but I couldn’t find Spencer. My phone was still working and  I rang him. I wish he just would answer!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 Hunted bomb by Rhys”

  1. I love this story and I wish can I see more of this I love the story line and the story itself ps gabryel Silva in St.Stephens.NS

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