Week 2 : The invasion by Tadhg

Ben was an alien and he liked killing people. He had a boss that wanted to take over the world. When they were nearing the green and blue planet they launched a shrink bomb. It exploded all over Earth.

When Ben landed on Earth he started shooting people and they turned into beads. The alien armada succeeded in taking over Earth.

But they got greedy and also took an alien armada to planet T-rex. They attacked the aliens from T-rex. These aliens were highly armed they killed Ben and his army.

14 thoughts on “Week 2 : The invasion by Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg!
    I really liked your story! It was so creative, especially when Ben was killed! O: Did you know, scientists are working on a way to see if people can live on MARS! O: I can see you like writing! So do I! Did you know there is a really good alien book my little brother likes called Evil Twin Alien or something, that is somewhat similar to yours. Happy writing!
    -Brynn from Illinois

  2. * i liked the part were he threw the shrinking bomb.
    *I like the way you used aliens instead of humans because most people used humans in their stories it was different to all the other stories.
    wish that it could be a hundred words.
    did you get this idea from a game or maybe from a movie?
    (-) it reminded me of a game but I forgot what it was called
    Overall a really great story to read we really enjoyed it.

  3. I loved the opnening sentence of this, it reminded me of a book opening. It immediately made me want to read on as I was intrigued to know when Ben, the alien, was going to do.

    Thank you for sharing your super work this week.

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school

  4. Great story Tadhg. I’m wondering if this was the same Ben that had a programme on t.v. – ‘Ben 10’? I don’t think Ben was expecting that ending though.

  5. I like your story because it’s in space and there was’nt any spelling mistakes.I hope you write more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  6. Well done on a thrilling story Tadhg! I always like to read about an intergalactic battle! I think the old saying about biting off more than you can chew is true for Ben and his army. The last planet he attacked was more than ready for him! Keep up the great writing 🙂

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100

  7. Great job Tadhg I thought the part were the army of aliens were eaten by the dinosaurs

    By Caoilan

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