Week 2 by Joshua: The rocks

I was carrying a bucket and there are rocks in it. I was bringing them back to my lab for research but then I tripped and the bucket fell. My friend Tim picked one up and somehow he turned into a doll.

I ran back to my lab for research. The only way I could reverse it was to find five purple crystals. I had them in a safe the whole time. I was able to bring Tim back. I told him about the rocks – they were magic. I showed him what I was going to do with the crystals. I was going to make jewellery with them. The End.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 by Joshua: The rocks”

  1. Hi Joshua! I really liked how you used punctuation and put periods in the right place. My writing was kind of similar but in my store they did not drop it they crashed. One thing that you could improve on is putting in a little bit more descriptive words. I really enjoyed reading your writing.

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  2. Hi Joshua,

    I think that Mrs Boyce has read my mind here, I think that the rocks seem to be too magical and powerful for any old jewellery. There is definitely a bigger story here and the jewellery that is made and the powers that the rocks bring the wearer.

    Some super ideas here,

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school

  3. Well done Joshua – you were lucky you had those 5 purple crystals.
    I wonder will the person that wears the jewellery have magical powers?
    Good work this week.

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