Week 2: Mars By Mikolaj

One day, I lived on a planet Called Mars. I worked in my factory with my friends for 20 years and I was waiting for money to buy my space ship. And a year after I had the amount of money to buy the space ship. So I bought it and the colour was blue. Inside it was 20 by 20 metres big and it was just perfect. I tested it all around Mars.

One day I decided to fly to every planet, so I got bags and everything and flew. It took me 5 days to fly to Earth. When I was there I bought a bucket, beads, sweets and lots other things. Unfortunately, I tripped and all of it fell. I left it and went back to Mars. What a good trip.

5 thoughts on “Week 2: Mars By Mikolaj”

  1. Mikolaj, I love the description of your space ship, it must have been great fun to fly around Mars as a test. Well done!

  2. I really liked this. The thought of an alien travelling to Earth from Mars and only taking back a bucket, beads and sweets made me smile. I’m sure the ‘other things’ you mention are more permanent souvenirs of his adventure into space and onto Earth!

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school

  3. I like your story because it’s in the solar system and it’s one of the popular planet that most people want to go.Great job.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  4. That really does sound like a GREAT trip Mikolaj! You must have had a great time flying around and collecting so many nice things at other planets. What a shame that it all fell. I really enjoyed your story this week – well done and keep up the good work!

    Mr. Russell (Team 100)

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