Week 2 The Original Story of the BFG By Robert

One day  Sophie asked the BFG a question,

“Were you born a giant?”

“No I wasn’t born as a giant,” the BFG replied.

“Then who were you?” Sophie wondered.BFG

The BFG proceeded to tell Sophie his story…

“In earlier times I was called Harry Potter. When I defeated Voldemort somebody from his people changed me into a giant. I became an abominable monster. I destroyed Hogwarts when I was out of control and I had to run away because I could get killed.”

Suddenly Sophie asked, “You were Harry Potter – why didn’t you turn yourself back into a human?”

“I lost my powers as well – so after I killed Voldemort  I came into this cave.”



13 thoughts on “Week 2 The Original Story of the BFG By Robert”

  1. Greetings Robert
    I have been amazed by the story you and your brain have written.
    I have never read such master piece that you have combined.
    Have you thought of becoming a writer.
    See you at school Robert
    Kasparas out.?

  2. Hi Robert. Amazing story.
    When I heard he was Harry Potter I just had to read more.
    I wonder will there be a part two.
    Great story.

  3. Hi Robert.
    I liked your story my favourite part was when Harry Potter was changed into the BFG.
    Do you like Harry Potter?

  4. Hi Robert great story i really enjoyed reading it
    I loved the way you put two of the most famous characters from books together .
    The BFG and Harry potter fit well together .
    I wonder what happened to everyone at Howarts
    great story bye Shane F

  5. Hi Robert .
    Graet story Harry Potter and the BFG are a great combination.
    Will there be a sequel.
    I would love to here a sequel .
    Bye BRYAN : )

  6. Hi Robert
    Good story
    It reminds me of my story of the bfg
    Do you like harry potter books
    And how did the bfg loose his powers

  7. What a clever way to start your 100 word challenge with a question. I love the answer and how you mixed two great literary characters together to form your story. You’ve used some great words throughout eg abominable, wondered and proceeded. Very good work. keep it up.
    Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

  8. What a great idea to link two of the best known book characters Robert! Poor Harry – he must have found the whole experience very frustrating! Well done – keep up the good work!

  9. Yes, I agree, that the crossover of the stories works well. You must read a lot … or do you just watch the films? 🙂

  10. Well done Robert – I really enjoyed reading your story this week. I’m a big Harry Potter fan so I was delighted to see him staring in your writing. I felt so sorry for Harry – I’m glad he has a friend like Sophie to talk to.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Hi Robert.
    Wow, that was a great story. I loved the way you used the word ‘abominable.’ Do you like Harry Potter books? How did the BFG loose his powers? In a battle of some sort? Great story Robert.

  12. Wow – what a crossover of stories! I have to confess to never having read a Harry Potter book, but my son Sam tells me they’re ‘brilliant’. I really enjoyed your story and have to commend you on your vocabulary ‘proceeded’ and ‘defeated’. Well done.

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