Week 3 Professor Crocodile’s peculiar day by Aidan

One day Professor Crocodile was in his lab. He was trying to turn a crocodile purple. He needed a spiders leg, one chocolate finger and of course a bit of purple paint.He put it all in one tube and then he shook it around.

Finally he brought in the crocodile and poured the mix on top of it. Oh no he had put in growing paint accidently. Quickly he twisted the crocodile’s tail but it did not work and the crocodile just snapped back at him. It was too difficult and now he was stuck with a giant crocodile in his lab!

5 thoughts on “Week 3 Professor Crocodile’s peculiar day by Aidan”

  1. Oh dear! I think that if I were the professor, I’d be getting out of that lab pretty quickly! (I also would have eaten that chocolate finger, so there’s no telling what kind of mysterious potion I’d have poured on the crocodile!) I hope he can figure out a way to shrink the crocodile back to normal size! Keep up the great work, Aidan!

  2. Great story Aidan and a wonderful use of your imagination. I really hope the Professor had the antidote to this spell!

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