Week 2: Sweet Proof By Naglis

One bright sunny day Jake was walking home after popping into Eddie’s gardening centre to buy a plant for his mum because it was her birthday.
He was walking home until he heard a bang.He lost concentration for that one second and he dropped the plant. There were sweets everywhere.

Jake ran away petrified.What Jake didn’t realise¬†was that there were two microscopic people there as well. Moments later his friend Niall ate one of the sweets. The wind blew and the sun turned into a storm as the two mini people came to life as murderers.

Niall fell asleep.The two people who used to be tiny took Niall away to an empty room. Niall woke up tied to a chair “What are you going to do to me?” …

8 thoughts on “Week 2: Sweet Proof By Naglis”

  1. Well done on your entry this week Naglis! I really enjoyed it. You’ve done a great job with the prompt.
    Poor Niall, I bet he was terrified, I hope that he manages to escape, but it’s not looking good!!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Poor Niall, the day started so well for him and ended so badly! It reminded me a little of the story of Gulliver’s travels and the people from Lilliput, is that a story that that you know of?

    I do hope that everything works out well for Niall and the small people turn out to be kind, although I have a funny feeling I might be wrong!

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school

  3. Oh my goodness Naglis!!! That is not at all the ending that I expected! (Which is a good thing) You really turned the story on its’ head and left me wanting to read a LOT more. That is the sign of a great writer. I hope there will be a second part in the future as I really want to know what happens next! This is a terrific story – keep up the great work!

    Mr. Russell (Team 100)

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