Week 2: The Sweets by Dan

One sunny day Barry and I wanted some sweets.
“Let’s go to Super Sweets ” Barry said.
“They do amazing sweets ” Barry explained.
We walked in and stumbled upon a big poster on the wall.
There was a nice looking sweet on it.
“I’ll have that one, “I said pointing at the poster,” same,” said Barry.

The shopkeeper handed us our bags.
“These sweets smell good,” said Barry.
“They look nice too,” I said.
Soon I opened my bag and POOF!! …I shrunk.

Well, how did this happen?

12 thoughts on “Week 2: The Sweets by Dan”

  1. Hi Dan

    Super Sweets sounds like the best sweet shop, although I’m a bit unsure about the bag of sweets that you have chosen! I’d love to know what happens next, you could have lots of adventures in your shrunken state.

    Miss T
    Stockbridge school

  2. I like the way you and Barry shrunk in the story, I hope you do more.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class

  3. I love this story Dan! Well done!
    I suppose they are called Super Sweets for a reason.
    I like your use of onomatopoeia – Poof!
    Great work this week.

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