Week 2 The Bomb By Conor H

One day I was on the plane to Lanzarote. Everything was going fine but suddenly the pilot exclaimed ” Greetings passengers there has been a small problem in the cockpit.” Everybody was surprised.

Meanwhile I was the way to the bathroom and heard this ticking sound. At the start I did not take any notice , but in the bathroom I was getting kind of worried so I ran into the hall of the plane and bellowed “THERE IS A BOMB IN THE PLANE”. Then everything stopped and there was complete silence. The bomb had a timer on it for 30 seconds.

Everybody was panicking. 5 seconds.


AHHHHH!! …was all I heard falling into the North Atlantic Ocean…


2 thoughts on “Week 2 The Bomb By Conor H”

  1. My goodness Conor – what a terrifying story! I would hate to go into a bathroom on a plane and hear a ticking sound because there isn’t really any way you can go to escape. Well done and keep up the great work!

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