Week 2 The Bomb by Jack

One cloudy morning a man was in bed all snug in England. He wanted to be part of the bomb sqard but he was not good enough so he practiced and practiced but he was still not good enough.

So he gave up.  A few years later he found a real bomb in his job but he did not know what to do so he tried to defuse it.

There were a red wire, a black wire and a green wire. He did not know what wire cut so he cut the black one first … and everything stopped and he had saved everyone.

One thought on “Week 2 The Bomb by Jack”

  1. Hi Jack – well done on writing your 100 word story this week. I love your story because it just goes to show that if you keep trying and trying no matter how hard something is, you will be able to do it it eventually. I’m glad he was able to defuse the bomb. Maybe now he will get a job with the bomb squad? Keep up the great work!

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