Week 2 The Clock By Kristupas

My friends and I were meeting up in the town park to play soccer and to go to Spar.  Suddenly when I got there, they ran to me and said “look we found a watch to stop time .”

I said  “impossible –  nothing in the world can do that.”

They said to press it. So I did and then everything stopped and they started dancing with joy.  Then someone suggested that we go and take everything from Spar.

I said “NO are you crazy? we’ll get in trouble “.

So we started fighting over it and it broke. I said “let’s work together to fix it.  It took eight hours  to fix but it was all worth it –  we got home and then thrwe it away.

One thought on “Week 2 The Clock By Kristupas”

  1. Hi Kristupas – well done on writing a 100 word story this week. I would love a watch that could stop time because I have so many things to do I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough time!! I’m glad that you were able to fix the watch. I wonder will somebody find it where you threw it and use it themselves to stop time. But that’s a story for another day! Keep up the great work.

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