Week 2 The Mega Swings by Warren

It was a Friday evening and my family and I were at a carnival. I was very excited because it was my first time being to a carnival.

At the start, I wanted to go on everything. So that’s what I did and it was just as I expected  – really fun. Eventually, there was one thing left to go on. The last thing to go on was called the Mega Swings. At first I didn’t want to go on it but in the end, I did. So I went on put on my belt and off it went. At first, I was actually enjoying it until we got to the top then everything stopped and the ride was stuck…

One thought on “Week 2 The Mega Swings by Warren”

  1. Hi Warren – well done on completing your 100 word story this week. That funfair sounds like a lot of fun – well, until the road but stuck! That must have been very scary. I hope that you weren’t stuck up there too long. Keep up the great work!

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