Week 2: The Orb By Liam O

It was a normal day. I was doing my daily walk in the forest when I saw a blue light flashing. I got suspicious and went over to investigate and saw an orb. The orb was flashing from light blue to dark blue to light blue again.

I wondered what it felt like so I reached in to touch it and every time my hand got closer the orb got brighter. When I eventually touched it, it got bigger and bigger and then smaller before exploding.

Then everything stopped and I was somewhere dark. Before I could do anything I heard growling behind me I closed my eyes and….

One thought on “Week 2: The Orb By Liam O”

  1. Hi Liam – this is an excellent story full of suspense and wonderful use of vocabulary. I have to say you left it on quite a cliffhanger though! I’m really wondering what happened next! Keep up the great work.

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