Week 2: The Remote: by Liam A

I was relaxing on the couch and was watching my favourite programme. Mom called me in for dinner so I went to pause the television I pressed the button three times but it wouldn’t pause.

I walked into the kitchen and then everything stopped and Mom didn’t move I waved my hands in front of her but she didn’t move. I looked outside and nothing was moving. I was scared but a small bit happy. I could do what I wanted and have as many sweets as I wanted. I walked down to the shop. I was just so happy.

2 thoughts on “Week 2: The Remote: by Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam,

    I really like your story because the way you just slotted the prompt in. I thought it was so funny that you said that you were kinda happy about being free. Keep up the amazing work.

    From Jessica H from Ms Brennock’s class

  2. Hi Liam -well done on writing your story this week. And what a story it is exclamation mark that sounds like one really magical remote control – and one that I would like to have for myself! I can think of quite a few things I would like to pause! Well done again and keep up the great work

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