Week 20: AAUUEEEHHHAAHH, by Sean M

Walking home, Sean was excited to get his homework done. He wanted to go and play hurling but he had to finish his homework first. He usually had no problem with the gigantic but lazy black dog living next door; he never bothered with Sean. Being the predicament that he was in he didn’t see or hear the dog. But when he was nearing the home of the cantankerous animal out of nowhere, he heard AAAUUUEEHAAAHHH.
The black dog galloped after Sean for about 100 yards. Sean never ran as quick. Looking back at what had happened, the noise was SO loud that he had gotten a headache which he was still feeling a while later.

“Oh memories,” Sean whispers to himself.

8 thoughts on “Week 20: AAUUEEEHHHAAHH, by Sean M”

  1. Great story Sean. Very interesting and very creative. We enjoyed your story about the dog here in St.Molua’s NS. We particularly liked your title. Well done.

  2. Hi Sean
    Thank you for sharing your super writing this week. I am always amazed at how diverse the responses can be to the same prompt each week and I thought that your story line was clever. It made a simple and easy to follow story which was also enjoyable to read.
    Great stuff!
    Miss T

  3. Hi Sean – It sounds like you were lucky to escape from that dog.
    I wonder what spooked the dog that day?
    I’d say you’ll be remembering that day for awhile yet!
    Great work this week – well done!

  4. Great story Sean. Your story was really interesting and unique but maybe you should try using a bit more sentence openers. Other than that your story was great keep up the good work and how old was sean. Also this story reminds me ofs a book or movie I can’t quite remember.


  5. Yikes! That’s not the kind of memory I’d want to be reliving, Sean!!! I’m glad that he managed to get away from the dog. A headache is better than a dog bite! 😉 Keep up the great work!

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