Week 20 The Alien Invasion by Laurynas

It was an extraordinary day for the people of Earth. There was a UFO in the middle of the city and people were crowding it with loads of confusion. Just then the military appeared and started clearing the area, loading their tanks and targeting the UFO with their planes.

Suddenly the UFO began to float and started to deploy its landing gear. Eventually, a noise appeared from the UFO. The noise was so loud that the dead had to cover their ears.

Three strange creatures came out of it. The people went like mad running in every direction. Suddenly an Alien spoke in his own language:

“.uoy llik ot gniog era ew, htraE fo snamuh sgniteerG”

7 thoughts on “Week 20 The Alien Invasion by Laurynas”

  1. Hi Laurynas,
    I really enjoy supernatural storys just like this one.
    I think that the alien said’ you humans will DIE and post a comment on this great story’. Thats proubly what the alien said. by Kacper

  2. Well done Laurynas.
    I enjoyed your story this week.
    I love how the Alien spoke in his own language.
    Even though I too could understand this alien language!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Laurynas great writing. I really enjoyed reading your story this week. You are a superb writer!

    Star= Fantastic adjectives and sentence openers.
    Star=Intriguing title.
    Wish=Try not to repeat words overall brilliant.
    Star=Very enjoyable read and excellent story plot.
    Link= I feel like the story could become an exciting book.
    Question=Was there just one alien or several.

    Superb story this week Laurynas. I look forward to reading more of your fantastic stories.

    My story will be posted on Wednesday under the name of Lauren.

  4. Great story, Laurynas!
    I really liked the way you used the prompt, very original.
    I also really liked how the alien had his own language, it made the story a little bit more interesting.
    No wish at all, your story was really really good!
    I hope to see your name in the special showcase this week, best of luck!

    – Dearbhla

    Also, if you have the time could you comment on my story? It’ll be up later today. Here’s the link

  5. I must be really smart, Laurynas – or else I’m an alien, because I understood the Alien who spoke!!! This is a fantastic story – and I loved when you described the landing gear as being deployed. What a great word to use! Well done, keep up the awesome work!

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