Week 20: Evacuate by Liam O


“Get to the planes before the Germans attack the town” ordered the general while the siren went off.  My friend and I  heard a loud BANG!

As we ran to the planes, there was yet another loud BANG.  One of the buildings collapsed.  We started the plane engine, we looked at each other and nodded.

Our plan was to fly around the bombing, across the English channel and land on a British airfield in Belgium.  Then we would fuel up and fly to Dunkirk.

When we were about 2 minutes away from Belgium my engine was really loud so I didn’t realise that a German fighter pilot was behind me.  We were moving very fast when the pilot shot me down but luckily my friend guided us to the airfield.

3 thoughts on “Week 20: Evacuate by Liam O”

  1. Hi Liam
    My class often choose to write stories set during the second world war, it gives you such powerful images to work with. You obviously have lots of knowledge about this time and have described the events well.
    I was very relieved that you were guided to the airfield at the end, your story could so easily have had a very different ending.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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