Week 20 My Family Are Rich By CONOR

One normal day I was my family’s mansion. My brother and I were feeling kind of bored so we went into the garage. My dad owns a load of cars such as a Bugatti, a Ferrari and a Lamborgini. I wanted to get in the Ferrari. So we did.

The key was still in the car and I accidentally turned the key and drove out of the garage. On the road, we were moving very fast when……………KABOOM!

It smashed into smithereens!

2 thoughts on “Week 20 My Family Are Rich By CONOR”

  1. Well done Conor.
    I’m not quite sure how you can turn the key by accident and drive out of the garage!
    I think you’ll have to think of a better excuse when you are explaining what happened to Dad.
    Good work

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