Week 20 Going to the Theme Park by Ciaran

My friend and I were at the theme park and we were going on our first roller coaster. My friend said it was inexplicable.

We courageously got into our seats and my friend Tommy was a bit problematic about heights.  He held on to the bar as tight as a gorilla who sat on a pin.

3.2.1.     Zoom     We were moving very fast when we went down the steep hill. After the roller coaster was over we got ice cream and then after that, we all cheered as  Tommy had faced his fear of heights.

We finished by going on the fair wheel.

3 thoughts on “Week 20 Going to the Theme Park by Ciaran”

  1. It was great that Tommy had faced his fears. I could do with doing this…but I don’t think I’m ready for a fast rollercoaster just yet!
    Good work Ciaran.

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