Week 20: I didn’t do anything! By Christopher H

I was just playing my Xbox when I got a terrible fright.
I thought it was the game I was playing but the noise was so loud that it couldn’t possibly be that.

I went into the hall to investigate. My Mom’s new vase had been knocked over but then I saw my sister cleaning it up. It was all over the floor. Before I even got to say a word my sister called Mom.

“Mom!” She shouted.

“What?” Replied Mom.

“Christopher knocked your new vase!”

Mom rushed upstairs to see that her new vase has been turned into bits.

“I’m in big trouble” I whispered to myself.

7 thoughts on “Week 20: I didn’t do anything! By Christopher H”

  1. I love the title of your story Christopher! I bet that is a phrase that is heard in every house in the country! Siblings can be a bit of a pain! I think that you will find a way to get your naughty sister back!
    Great story, well done!

  2. Hi Christopher. We really liked your story this week. It’s something that can happed at home in our homes all the time. We hope that you didn’t get into too much trouble as a result of this.
    St.Molua’s NS Ardagh

  3. Hi Christopher
    I really liked your story this week
    Star- I liked your plot and your grammar.
    Star-I liked your adjectives and the way you used speech in your story.
    Star- I liked your idea and punctuation.
    Wish-No wish
    Your story reminded me of when my brothers used to blame me when they got in trouble.
    So what you say to your sister?
    -Ellen P

  4. Hi Christopher, really good story this week!
    ** Very good punctuation!
    ** Very good plot!
    Wish: None well done!
    Question: What game were you playing on the Xbox?
    Link: This reminds me of a movie I saw!
    Good luck!

  5. Oh, sisters… they can be a real pain sometimes, can’t they Christopher!! The only thing is that when you grow up, you wouldn’t be without them! That wasn’t a terribly nice thing for your sister to do, though – I hope that you didn’t get in trouble for what she did. Great work, keep it up!

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