Week 20 Last day of school By Danny

It was the last day of school and there were loads of things to do. There was a three-legged race and a fun run and lots of more things to do. My friends and I were all staying together to keep each other company and to do all the stuff together.

First, we played a soccer match and my team won 4-3. After that, we played hook the duck. Next one of my friends and I did the three-legged race. We were moving very fast when suddenly we fell over each other’s legs. We started to laugh and just then everyone past us out.

Even though we came last we had so much fun.

4 thoughts on “Week 20 Last day of school By Danny”

  1. What a great description of your last day at school. I remember the day of the holidays and how excited we would be. It sounds like great fun was had by all. I used to love those three legged races. It took me a long time to figure out why it was called that though.

  2. This sounds a bit like our Sports Day in the Rugby Club.
    Glad you enjoyed the day. Days like this should be all about FUN and being with friends.
    Good work Danny.

  3. Hi Danny
    The last day of school is brilliant and it sounds like you had fun on the last day of school.
    Your team was lucky because they only won by a goal.
    If you first in the three legged race and then ended up last I would be very disappointed.
    Great story this week Danny
    From Matthew D

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