Week 20 My Last Goodbye! By Calum

Lonely, Depressed, Miserable. I stood at the pier, watching my mother board the boat that would take her to America, The Titanic.

It was earlier that morning my mother got a letter in the post. We never get post so she was quite nervous. She opened the letter and it was like her heart dropped. The letter was from my granddad. It stated in the letter that my grandmother was after dying in America.

Dejected, my mother ran down to the pier in Queenstown to try and get a ticket for The Titanic. Luckily she got a ticket. But just one. My uncle and I went down to the pier to wave her goodbye.

The horn hooted. The noise was so loud it nearly burst my eardrums. The ship sailed off and …that was the last time I ever saw my mother.

7 thoughts on “Week 20 My Last Goodbye! By Calum”

  1. Hi Calum.
    Brilliant story.
    Really like the idea.
    It would be very sad if my mother went away.
    BYE Bryan.

  2. Hi, brilliant story. Very sad ending. I wonder if your mother survived? You had amazing punctuation and grammar. You’re a great writer. Keep up the good work.

  3. Well done Calum – You’ve done a great job with this week’s prompt.
    I really enjoyed your story.
    It was such a sad ending. It would be great as Mr Russell suggested if perhaps she was one of the survivors.
    Good work this week.

  4. Titanic always makes for a great story Calum, and this is no exception. You worked the prompt in brilliantly. I imagine that the sound of the horn from those gigantic smoke stacks would have been deafening alright. How terrible that that was the last time you saw your mother. Did she survive, maybe, and arrive in America? This is a fantastic story, keep up the brilliant writing!

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